Monday, October 10, 2011

Gluten Free Goodness- a new cook-booklet!!

Gluten Free Goodness was created just because I wanted something sweet to eat and something sweet to share!  

I have been gluten sensitive for the past several years and finding a really tasty treat has been difficult.

Because gluten sensitivity is becoming quite common, more and more gluten free products are showing up on the shelves at the grocery store.  But, I didn’t want to BUY my treats, I wanted to make them from SCRATCH!  That’s when the challenge began.

I know how to make cookies. . . butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, baking soda, and flour Right?
That’s right, but what happens when you get rid of the flour?   
NO COOKIE!  Now, that is a problem.

For the past several weeks I have been baking, my family has loved it.  Every day they have had one, two or even three new treats to try.  Some have ended up straight in the garbage can others were devoured even before everyone could have a sample.  The sugar cookie recipe has been my nemesis!!  But, finally after 7, yes seven, attempts I got it!  So if you've been missing  yummy sugar cookies, I've got just the recipe.

There is not one solution out there to replace wheat flour with a gluten free alternative.  The replacement for wheat flour is a combination of gluten free flours, meals, and starches.  The perfect combination is challenging to produce.   Different flours and
different flour combinations have different textures and flavors. That’s why you have to combine. A  single gluten-free flour cannot create a similar consistency to wheat flour.   

But, I did it!  I found several different combinations that work, because all recipes won’t use the same combination.

There are so many gluten free grains, so how do you know what flours to use.  In this booklet I give a simple description of the gluten free ingredients that I have used in the recipes so that you can then experiment with your own combinations to convert your own recipes to Gluten Free Goodness of your own!

When trying any new gluten free recipe I always keep in mind that textures and tastes are different to everyone's taste buds.  The here are my recipes because I like how they taste.  If they don't turn out just the way you like, experiment with your own flour combinations and maybe you’ll discover a new one that your taste buds like more!

Below is a sample recipe from the Gluten Free Goodness book for Thin Mints. Remember those tasty Girl Scout cookies?  Well, this is a gluten free version that I'm sure you'll love!   

Thin Mints